A selection of RHIs accomplishments over the past 44 years:

The following is a general list of some of the accomplishments over the years of the small and dedicated organization:

1. Assisting hundreds of family to achieve homeownership

2. Training in construction for living wage jobs or building own home

3. Sponsoring and facilitating self-help home groups

4. Packaging multi-unit rental unit financing

5. Providing funds for thousands of home repairs

6. Demonstrating passive solar in homes and other techniques

7. Providing a statewide newsletter

8. Working with communities and families to obtain water and sewer/septic funding - leveraging millions of dollars

9. Researching and education on needs, policies and technical alternatives

10. Preventing homelessness

11. Referring and creative problem solving

12. Administering Revolving loans funds

13. Training in workshops and on site

14. Publishing and distributing booklets for consumer information

15. Recycling and reuse of mobile homes with inmate training

16. Providing critical assistance to prevent eviction, foreclosure, utility shut off

17. Coordinating volunteers doing repairs for seniors

18. Working with tribal and immigrant groups to address their needs

19. Supporting local agencies and community efforts in addressing their housing issues

20. Responding to requests for information and assistance