Utility Bill Critical Assistance

1. We serve all counties in Wisconsin except Dane, Milwaukee and Racine.

2. You must check with your local agency to see if they can help you first. For a list of agencies by county Click Here. If you have dependent children and a disconnect notice, please contact your local Emergency Assistance agency. A map of agenices by county is available Here. If they cannot help or are out of funds, then continue reading these requirements.

3. You MUST include proof of income for all income you and your household members receive. This includes things like Child Support, SSI benefits and income from pensions.

4. We can only assist if you are on a budget payment plan/payment arrangement with your utility company(s). Please provide proof of this along with your utility bill(s).

5. We cannot process your application unless it is entirely complete. Please call us at 1-888-400-5974 or at 1-608-238-2084 if you have questions about the application process.

6. We guarantee that you will be treated fairly and in accordance with all agency policies throughout the application process. If you are interested please Click Here to see our non-discrimination policy.

Critical Assistance-Utility Payment Application PDF